As promised here is a short writeup; Got picked for the Swedish National Guard Pistol Shooting Team here in Dalarna and off we went to the national championship in Halmstad over the weekend. We were shooting in two disciplines;

Day one Military Quickmatch (5 shoots in 4 series @ 12 seconds, 4 series @ 10 seconds & 4 series @ 8 seconds) I felt a bit wobbly and figured I’d be happy with a finishing place in the top 3rd of the results… but I’d be darned to my surprise and amazement I won the competition by 6 points over the runner up.


I’m the short not so damn tall guy in the middle 🙂

Now somewhat stunned I take a bow and the AK team and the rest of the Pistol team celebrated by buying some indian food at a local place in Halmstad.


Took a while to figure out what everything was…


But it was really good food!

Now it’s time for Day 2 and some Field shooting with 48 shots distributed over multiple targets and stations along a 2 km course all with varying time constraints, usually fun stuff if it’s not raining… It rained… a LOT! You know the soaked feeling you get when it’s rains horizontally and you can’t see anything? Well that pretty much describes it…

Feeling even wobblier than the day before and now super soaked I finish the course and go back to the see if the results are posted on the board, now humbly hoping to at least be in the middle of the scores, I find that the results hasn’t been posted yet so I return to the barracks to change out of the wet uniform and the second I enter the barracks I get a call that I have to run back down to the course… I groan and meet up with the Team Lead of the AK Team who gives me a ride down to the range where the jury awaits… Apparently I had won on score but since an other guy had the exact same score although I had higher individual series score they wanted us to shoot for the gold. Ok said and done, first series I hit 6/6 shoots and the other guy hits 5/6… Thats it… How it happened I’m still a bit unsure about but it apparently did.


Here we go again, but at least they’re not so darn tall this time 🙂

It did take a considerably longer time to get home than we anticipated…


And this is why 🙂

It was a super fun weekend and I’ll definitely do it again…I don’t know if I’ll ever bring a pair of these home with me ever again, but hey I’ll try 🙂


Deuces in Gold…

Now i’ll get hard at work in getting other aspiring champions trained and ready for next years adventure and see if we can’t keep the 1st place under our battalions banner in Dalarna! because apparently it’s possible! 🙂


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