Curriculum Vitae

Danny Fröberg, born August 7, 1968 in Stockholm, Sweden.

About me

I am an entrepreneur with a massive interest in developing new innovative methods and technology in the area of network infrastructure and communication.

I often borrow Mr. Churchill’s motto: “The Hard We Do at Once, the Impossible Just Takes a Slightly Longer Time.”

Specialties: Problem solving, branding, development, systems integration, systems architecture, network infrastructure, Fixed & Mobile CENTREX telecom, VoIP, Carrier Systems, Enswitch, OpenSER / SIPS / Kamailio, Asterisk, YATE, Linux, C, PHP.

Other interests include training and handling Military Working Dogs, Fire & Rescue and Competitive Shooting as well as debating international politics and events..

My Career

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Beginning a career in electronics and systems development in the mid 80’s powered by a profound interest in stretching the boundaries of existing technology and venturing onto the leading edge of technological innovation.

Joining up with Image Network and Image Bank in the early 90’s and exploring the fledgling ISDN and Internet, creating search and communication technology for image databases containing tens of millions of photographs and other imagery, making logical and free text searching possible.

During the mid and late 90’s with the stellar rise of the IT sector Freeside was created as a consulting firm and held some of the brightest minds in Sweden when it came to architecture and design in creating front and back-end systems for the emerging internet services.

Freeside and the embryo of the inter and intranet search engine technology that would be named EuroSeek, the transition of Freeside and the incorporation of EuroSeek would lead to Europe’s by far largest internet search engine with a massive support for regional and language based searching in 40 European languages. Being the technological leader in search and language recognition technology and with the majority of other standing in line for licensing deals, the IT bubble finally burst.

After the somewhat bewildering experience of the rise and fall of the IT sector, Forest Star Networks is born to once again take a grip of the development of the technologies that makes our everyday life easier.

While FSN was originally tasked to build a fourth physical mobile network based on LTE (Long Term Evolution UMTS (4G) ) and related customer services, market forces launched FSN into a purely Telecommunications service enabler.

FSN was subsequently sold to and merged with EasyTelecom AB.


Positions Held


    Electrician, 1989 – 1990

    Electrical installations and game systems development.


    Technician, 1990 – 1990

    Internal support, web development, external support and sales.


    Programmer, 1991 – 1991

    Software development of TCP/IP and ISDN based image database terminal and search applications.


    Programmer, 1992 – 1994

    Software development for TCP/IP and ISDN based network applications. Project manager for PC based development of Image banks graphical search engine terminal applications.


    Technician, 1994 – 1994

    Customer support of PC based TCP/IP networks and products.


    CTO, 1994 – 1995

    Head developer of Sweden’s second largest high-speed Internet Service & Hosting company. Management functions and R&D manager and Product Development.


    Founder, 1995 – 1996

    Head developer of Internet related systems and services. President, Management functions and R&D manager and Product Development.


    Founder, 1996 – 2001

    Development of Europe’s largest independent Internet search engine, language recognition technologies and add on services. Management functions and R&D manager and Product Development.


    Founder, 2000 – 2009

    Development of Internet based massively multi user systems and services. Telecommunication Fixed, Mobile & VoIP, CENTREX, Hosted PBX Systems, Wireless Access Networks, B2B Systems. President, R&D and Product Development.


    CTO, 2010 – 2012
    Development of Telecommunication solutions for VoIP, fixed and mobile networks.
    Chief Technology Officer


Future and What I’m Looking For!

Do you think your company or project has the interesting and challenging tasks you might require me to take on?

I’m well versed in the Telecom Carrier sector and the requirements of it’s infrastructure as well as automation of common tasks to increase quality of service and up time, fraud detection, redundancy and high availability.

If you have a problem or an idea, it will probably be worth your time to let me hear about it all I require is a good lunch to begin with!

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